SLSMA Membership

The membership of the association shall be open to citizens of Sri Lanka who are eligible
for membership, involve in Sports Medicine and who agree to the aims and objectives of
the association and are willing to abide by rules of the SLSMA Constitution.


what we do

Benefits and privileges in becoming a member of the Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association (SLSMA)

SLSMA Education and Training Programmes

The SLSMA, since its inauguration in 1992, has contributed immensely to conduct educational programmes and update the knowledge and the practice of Sports Medicine among sports doctors, physiotherapists, other health and sports professionals, coaches and sports personnel in almost all levels. SLSMA members will benefit from this cumulative experience and get an opportunity to become participants as well as resource personnel of these educational programmes.

Sri Lanka Bulletin of Sports Medicine

The official News Bulletin of SLSMA contains news updates of the association and educational articles, updating sports medical information. As a member you will receive a free copy of this News Bulletin quarterly.

Sri Lankan Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine (SLJSEM)

The official Scientific Journal of SLSMA contains educational articles, research articles and updating sports medical information. As a member you will be facilitated to access the SLJSEM.

Scientific Conference of SLSMA

The SLSMA Scientific Sessions and Academic Conferences consist of lectures ,orations, workshops and research paper sessions. As a member you will have the privilege to engage in all these activities.

International Sports Medicine Events

SLSMA members may have the chance to enjoy the concessions in registering for certain International Sports Medicine events and certain other benefits with regard to traveling and accommodation.

FIMS Membership

SLSMA’s affiliation to International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) will offer the FIMS membership and access to the International Sports Medical Journal. SLSMA members will be enrolled under the category of FIMS block membership for a concession membership fee. As a SLSMA member, you will become a member of the FIMS and thereby receive many advantages.

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