Sport & Exercise Medicine Perspectives of Low Back Pain

Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association (SLSMA) and Kandy Society of Medicine (KSM) jointly organized the Pre Congress Workshop on ” Sport & Exercise Medicine Perspectives of Low Back Pain” at the Annual Academic Sessions of KSM in 2022. This was held at the PMCK Auditorium at National Hospital Kandy on 24th March 2022.

Sport & Exercise Medicine Symposium

“Athletes’ shoulder conditions – Are they different from ordinary?

At the 45th Annual Academic Sessions of the Kandy Society of Medicine 2023

The athletic population demonstrates a wide spectrum of diagnosis of shoulder dysfunction and pain due to sports specific pathologies. With the advancement and updated clinical knowledge of sports medicine and related fields such as biomechanics, radiological imaging, therapeutic manures and research, the current understanding of athletes’ shoulder condition among the Sport & Exercise Medicine clinicians has improved over the time.

Sport & Exercise Medicine as a newly developed specialty in Sri Lanka was well recognized at the 45th Annual Academic Sessions of the Kandy Society of Medicine 2023. The Event was held on 10th February 2023 at the Grand Kandyan Hotel, Kandy.

The Sport & Exercise Medicine Symposium on “Athletes’ Shoulder conditions – Do they differ from the ordinary?”  contained three symposium lectures. The three Acting Consultant Sport & Exercise Medicine Physicians delivered the lectures on different topics based on the most updated knowledge specific to sports related shoulder pathologies. All three lecturers hold executive committee positions in the Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association.

Dr. Fariz Ahamed, Acting Consultant Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician from Colombo South Hospital delivered his lecture on “The hidden trouble maker -shoulder impingement” by kicking off the symposium with a well updated and elaborated presentation. Shoulder impingement is  one of the conditions that can be seen co-existing with  a number of  other shoulder pathologies as well, and literally elaborated well during the presentation.

The second symposium lecture on “Stubborn Interrupter – Shoulder instability” was conducted by Dr. Rangana Hettige, Acting Consultant Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician from Lady Ridgeway  Specialized Children’s Hospital, Colombo. Dr. Hettige covered all the athletic specific conditions causing shoulder instability with updated management protocols.

Dr. Asela J B Ratnayake, Acting Consultant Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician from the National Hospital Kandy presented the final topic of the symposium on “Enigmatic phenomena of shoulder – GIRD & Scapular Dyskinesis”. The novel approach and the cutting-edge knowledge of the topics were discussed, clearing most of the doubts relevant to these relatively uncommon conditions in ordinary people yet found in athletes engaged in certain sports.

The conditions discussed at the shoulder symposium were coexisting interrelatedly in most of the shoulder pathologies, and was well explained by all three speakers.

The abstracts of all three presenations were published in the scientific sessions programme book of the KSM Annual Academic Sessions 2023.

This was the first time that a Sport & Exercise Medicine symposium was conducted at a major Academic Scientific Session organized by a leading Medical Body of Sri Lanka. This symposium made another platform for a very good  publicity among  elite medical professionals about  the Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association.

international diabetes day

Parallel to the “international diabetes day” the Non Communicable Disease Bureau of the Ministry of health, Sri Lanka Diabetes Federation and Sri Lanka college of Endocrinologists organized a series of campaigns and activities to educate and draw the attention of public on the prevention and care of diabetes. Diabetes affect nearly half a billion of people worldwide but nearly one-half of them don’t know whether they have diabetes. The main event was held on 13.11.2022 at Green path Colombo 07. The diabetic walk was followed by a physical activity session as an aerobic program which was led by the Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association. The aim of this physical activity program was to promote physical activity among general public and make them aware of the value of exercises in combatting diabetes. Also there was a health screening program, award ceremony for school children to award the winners of art and essay competition was held at the event. Subsequently the program was lined up with some guest speakers educating on diabetes and the Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association had the privilege to deliver a lecture on physical activity and diabetes and how it can help to control the disease.

The SLSMA talk was delivered by Dr. Rangana Hettige, acting consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine, which was on diabetes and exercise. In this lecture, he discussed how the regular exercise program helps to control diabetes and its complications. During his lecture he described the exercise and its components. Also, he emphasizes initial evaluation and how to maintain blood sugar levels during exercise. he briefly mentions how to modify exercise programs depending on the sugar levels and diabetes complications.  He mentioned the side effects and what are the precautions and how to exercise safely during an exercise program