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Sri Lankan Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine

Aims and Scope

The Sri Lankan Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine or SLJSEM is a portal that provides original research, reviews, expert opinions, case studies and debate relating to clinically-relevant aspects of sport and exercise medicine, including allied health sciences. We contribute to innovation (research), education (teaching and learning) and knowledge translation (implementing research into practice and policy) and provide a platform for knowledge dissemination, specially to the local community of scientists who serve the progression of science and medicine in sport and clinicians who provide care to active people.


SLJSEM is published annually and is owned by the Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association.


Dr. Chathuranga Ranasinghe

Editorial Board

  • Dr. Upali Banagala

  • Prof. Aranjan Karunanayake

  • Dr. Prasanna Gamage (Australia)

  • Dr. Ranil Jayawardena

  • Dr. Romain Perera

  • Dr. Olivier Girard (Australia)

  • Prof. Rohan Jayasekara

  • Dr. Cemal Ozemek (USA)

  • Dr. Chelliah Thurairaja

  • Dr. Emily Oliver (UK)

  • Prof. Andrew Hills (Australia)

Inaugural Issue