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Aims and objectives of the Association

  • To create and provide Sports Medicine facilities to persons involved in Sports without discrimination of race, religion, caste, creed or sex.
  • To organize and help national and international sports organizations, agencies, associations and federations in organizing Sports Medicine Facilities.
  • To study and prepare medical protocols and documentation outlining all requirements of Sports Medicine in general as well as specifically for every sports.
  • To establish ,strengthen and propagate the medical codes in Sports
  • To campaign against drug abuse in sports (doping)and implement the Ant Doping charter of International Olympic Committee and the International Federation of Sports Medicine.
  • To establish and provide a scientific forum for the coordination and communication of all the Sports Science disciplines.
  • To establish, maintain and work for the development of modern and up to date delivery systems of the Sports Medicine services in different institutions and organizations.
  • To promote professional skills, qualifications, experience and education of the medical and paramedical staff engage in Sports Medicine and rehabilitation by providing them professional and /or financial help, assistance, scholarships and stipends etc..
  • To promote, encourage and help in the selection and recruitment of personnel interested in adapting Sports Medicine as a career.
  • To participate in National and International courses ,workshops ,seminars, scientific sessions and meetings and gain experience in order to advance the techniques in the field of Sports Medicine.
  • To educate people and mobilize public opinion regarding the prevention of injuries by arranging courses and imparting training for the prevention of the injuries which come within the scope and ambit of Sports Medicine.
  • To publish books, booklets, leaflets, journals and other literature on the art and science of Sports Medicine.
  • To do all acts as may be conductive to the fulfillment of the objectives of the association , or any of them.
  • To serve, receive, accept and manage funds, donations, grants, endowment and any other moveable properties from lawful sources within the country and to utilize them for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of the association.
  • The association shall be run on a non-commercial and non-political basis, and for charity purposes.
  • The promoters/office bearers members shall not be paid employees of the association.
  • The association shall confine its activities only to the objectives as set forth in the memorandum of association. Income and property of the association from whatever source derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the association and no portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividend , profit, bonus or otherwise to any member/office bearer. Any violation of this condition shall be the personal responsibility of the office bearers or members concerned.